Saturday, 26 November 2011

Paris to Provence

You can imagine my excitement when I heard about the Paris to Provence festival being held this weekend at Como House, a historic homestead in South Yarra. Paris to Provence is a celebration of France and frenchiness in Australia. 
 As soon as I walked into the grounds of Como House, I was transported to France. There were people speaking French, french food, wine, music, costumes, French products. I was in heaven.

 After a happy time wandering the stalls, sampling caneles, macaroons, wine, cheese, I emerged from my little French experience with French dvds, children's clothing, French earrings...none of which I needed but I was so caught up speaking French and wanting to ingest it all that I couldn't help myself...damn those French and their beguiling ways...

French bull dog, dressed for the part

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