Sunday, 27 November 2011

City life

From the French Festival, I headed into the city. I have long fantasized about eating at Movida, or even Movida Next Door. Spanish Tapas. Melbourne institution. But if there is one thing worse than dining alone, it is standing at the end of a bar, alone, waiting to be served, and feeling hyper aware of all the couples and groups of friends drinking and eating and chatting and laughing. I don't blame the staff at all, it was very busy. But I felt alone and unseen and I left.
 I found my way back to Coda where I had been on another occasion and was treated like royalty for all my solo-ness. I sat up at the bar and had champagne and a mini assortment ( 3 plates) of delicious asian-slash-european wondrousness.

It has been Melbourne Music week and I almost missed out through apprehension of  going to a gig on my own. But this was adventure Friday and I was on a roll. I headed to St. Michael's Uniting Church in the city where I was bathed in the most glorious music from three indie folk bands signed to the Mistletone record label: Wintercoats
and The Orbweavers


One of Europe's most innovative temporary architectural installations is set up on the banks of the Yarra for Music Week. Kubik is a french-inspired cafe by day and an open-air music venue by night. It is constructed from interconnected glowing water tanks which change colour in response to the music. 

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