Saturday, 26 November 2011


Ivanhoe is a historical fiction novel by Sir Walter Scott written in the 18th century, but set in 12th century England.  Scott has been credited with starting the wave of medievalism which swept over the 12th century literary world. Ivanhoe is all crusades and tournaments and capture and rescue.

Ivanhoe is also a suburb in Melbourne just 10km from the CBD, perched on a hill and home to Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, my employer for next year.
Ivanhoe - the suburb

Ivanhoe, the school

Ivanhoe Girls' was founded in 1903 and some of the buildings date back to then, especially the Federation frontages of the houses along Marshall Street which house the Junior School and Administration wing. Then there is a very fancy state of the art library, media centre and upstairs staff area with a deck for lunch in the sun...

Cate Blanchett grew up in Ivanhoe and went to the school.

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