Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Angry Wade's

I'm not much of a tourist. While I did have a New York list and I wanted ticks next to the items I had decided were things to see, or do, or eat, what I like about going somewhere I have never been before is getting behind the face of a city or area and just feeling it doing its thing. I like just walking around and being surprised. I like talking to people.

Enter Angry Wade's. Angry Wade's is in Brooklyn. It's an unassuming pub on the corner, a warm place for a drink when your hands, feet and cheeks have once again got too cold to continue walking in the Polar Vortex.

On arrival, the popcorn-scented bar was practically empty. And then the locals started arriving. And the locals play pool. Very seriously. I'm talking APA pool here. So the Pool Rules board is not to be taken lightly. But that didn't stop them from being friendly and welcoming and the perfect place to be that afternoon.

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