Thursday, 1 August 2013

throwback thursday

Stand-up comedy. It can be a bit hit and miss. When you start the day with the wish that you have a happy Thursday, that it's filled with a moment that makes you laugh, one that makes you shake your head and one that makes you smile...well now, that's a tall order when you're embarking on a day at  work. But then there's throwback thursdays at Long Play.

The idea behind that throwback thursdays is that comedians get to re-visit their award winning work one more time. They put a lot of effort and thought and seemingly excruciating life experience into their act. They tour the festivals and then they're done. But what about the ones who missed out? Or what about their own sense of unfulfilment...just one more show and I'll be happy...

Tonight, Josh Earl was able to lay his Love Songs and Dedications to rest. Social observer, singer, haiku writer and just an all round clever funny guy, Josh Earl shone for his hour on the stage. It's an intimate setting in the back room of Long Play in North Fitzroy and belting out a song for Josie in the supermarket to an audience of about twenty-five must be markedly different to reaching out to an audience of two hundred.

Josh Earl was the winner at the end of the day. Slick, clever and very very funny, he absolutely hit the nail on the head and made the text wish a reality.

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