Sunday, 19 May 2013


The creperie mission. Having been introduced to the creperie by Keith on a lovely Sunday meander through the city, I struck upon the idea of sharing its exquisite frenchiness with my five year old nephew. Excitement was in the air as I arrived at my nephew's house. A city adventure involving Jo Jo, a train and crepes. Cool.

Semi-success. Train. Tick. Buying $2 keyring in the form of a small shoe. Tick. (and before you ask...I gave Raffi a 'museum treasure box'...see below...and he became obsessed with the idea of buying something precious as the first thing to go into it. Luckily his initial idea that something from the jewellery shop totally matched the criteria of "small and precious" faded when he saw $2 keyring in the form of a small shoe. Now back to the ticks). Watching crepe be made. Tick. Eating the crepe. Bit dull apparently.

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