Thursday, 1 November 2012

noir desir


That's all I have to say because just the mere mention of the word and people go off to their own special place, salivating, sensing the desire for rich chocolatey goodness, convincing themselves of the health benefits of good quality dark chocolate, grabbing their housekeys and heading out the door in search of the life-giving, essential food.


It's a little wasted on me. Anathema, I know. I like it and all, but I don't crave it or get excited at the thought of a big box of chocolates or block of the stuff.

So, it is a puzzle to many that I joined some actual choco-philes on a chocolate walk through Melbourne's many laneways and grand arcades.

Walk Melbourne is a new company that seeks to walk visitors and Melburnians alike around the best places for chocolate or the choicest dumplings, good coffee, interesting designers and emerging artists. Monique, the founder of Walk Melbourne is a passionate woman who loves to share her love of food, coffee and life.

The idea behind the chocolate walk is to take her guests to artisan chocolatiers, those who really care about chocolate and strive for perfection: Chokolait; Haighs, Koko Black and Ganache. Plus La Belle Miette, who produce beautiful macarons, but who find their place on the chocolate walk because of their sublime chocolate macaron.

Tasting, appreciating the quality and the knowledge behind the purity of flavour, allowing the aroma, the texture, the mouthfeel of the small lump of dark brown-ness to pervade the senses.

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