Sunday, 22 July 2012

Where does creativity come from?

Sometimes the synchronicity of it all astounds me. Everywhere I turn this weekend, the theme of creativity has been rampant. From Luke George's reflections on his dance practice on Thursday afternoon to Dumbo Feather on Friday night to a discussion with strangers last night to this morning's art exhibition by 4 year old Raffi, the question, where does creativity come from, has been picked up, turned over, weighed and reflected upon. I don't have an answer. But the thinking is rich. 

Raffi invited us to his home-as-gallery with the white walled living space acting as installation and environment. We were able to witness the artist-in-residence working on his latest clay piece and, while the paintings were not for sale, the yarn jewellery was.

I asked Raffi where he got his ideas from, he just shrugged and said he just sits at his craft table and he just knows what to do.

The x-ray of Raffi's brain at 8 months is perhaps the missing link. If you stare hard enough at it, you may well discover where creativity comes from.

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