Friday, 20 July 2012

Now Now Now

Luke George is a dancer. I felt as though I was talking to Sonny, as in Sonny and Cher. Or Jesus.

We sat in the middle of a beautiful space, a high ceilinged hangar-like place, Arts House Meat Market.

Luke George is a thoughtful artist who constantly reflects on his practice and, despite not wanting his craft to be all about questions, he does ask himself a lot of them in pursuit of real and exploratory performance. He is about to tour in the Netherlands, Norway and New York. Apparently the alliteration of his itinerary is pure coincidence.

We talked about mind and body and space; being in the moment and how to achieve that without creating more of a divide between us and the now. Presence in a performance way. What is that and how do we know what that is? How do we know how to be present in the moment? Do we know when we have achieved it?

Luke George gave me a lot to think about.

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