Friday, 23 December 2011

Lyttel fish pops home

While the visit back to the home country may have turned out differently from what I had imagined or had been led to believe, in the full and satisfying wisdom that is retrospect, it was perfect. I reconnected with friends and with my broken city and without wanting to sound annoyingly new age, I have come away again feeling grounded and calm.

As one who abandoned Christchurch and came to Melbourne to breathe, it was humbling to be back with those who stayed. Those who, in the five months since I left, have absorbed into their everyday life road closures and detours, an increase in shipping container walls around the city, a lack of places to go and things to do, further demolition of properties and decisions on the particular colour and shade of their zoning. My Christchurch people are so resilient and optimistic, but they are also tired.

I, on the other hand, felt happy to see the progress. The Christchurch water is back to its delicious pre-quake and pre-chlorinated wonder, bars and restaurants and shops and businesses are re-establishing themselves...largely in containers...I was glad to be there.


 Deans Bush Market


 Cashel Mall, CBD

 Sumner again

 Taylor's Mistake

 Sydenham, Wayne Youle, Shadowboard Mural I seem to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour.

Sydenham, cnr Wordsworth and Colombo. Back of the rdunit, a horse float. Newsgirl for 6 mornings felt good. Mine was the last voice to be heard from the Student Union rdu studio at the University of Canterbury on 22 February. I had been up doing some training with Spanky, the rdu Breakfast With Spanky host, in preparation for a Tuesday lunchtime current affairs show. I had just done a voice break when the earthquake hit. Spanky and I stood under the doorframe and then we all had to run down the stairs out of the building. But rdu keeps trucking on.

Christchurch Aiport. Departure day under blue sky. Lovely Christchurch. Thank you ALL x

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