Sunday, 30 October 2011

Soul feel

Shapeshifter live at the Forum. I felt so proud to be from Aotearoa. Not that I can claim any shred of success for the phenomenon that is Shapeshifter, but tonight amongst the heaving mass of fans half my age, I remembered back to the first time I saw them in 2000 in Dunedin at the Arc Cafe. Then, as now, I thought wow. At the time there was a lot of electronica and gigs seemed to be always about djs. I went to a Kid Loco gig, and it was cool and all that he was French, but at the risk of missing the point entirely, which I know I'm doing, he was playing other peoples' records....Anyway. 2000. Dunedin. Shapeshifter. They'd only really just got together then. Fresh out of Jazz School and they used real instruments. Horns and saxophones. They don't seem to use them so much in their live shows any more. Now they're described as heavy soul slash drum and bass. Then, I feel as though there was
more of the jazz slash soul thing going on. 
However you define it, I was hooked. I've seen 
them a lot live and they always step up. Tonight was 
no exception.
The photos are complete rubbish...but yes...P Diggs and the boys. Loved it.

And it took the nasty taste of Derby Day in Melbourne right away. The trains, streets, bars and restaurants were full of Derby Day outfits. Nasty Derby Day outfits. Honestly, the city was heaving with short, tight...but neither of these good uses of the term...high heeled misery. I know I sound bitchy, but rare was the subject who had chosen a dress that suited her figure. Really, truly. Disheartening. And Fascinators. Who invented these jaunty head adornments which sound like a cross between Terminator and and some kind of sex toy and look as though they could receive cable tv signals? I always thought they were reserved for the Mother of the Bride. That was my mistake. Everywhere.
Although, it is clearly me who is in the fashion wrong. In Melbourne today, I would have been a voice in the wilderness...woman alone...if I had dared clear my throat and ask..."So, um, what's with the fascinator?" Kate wears them. It must be just me...

And today was just the start of Carnival week....By Tuesday, I'll have been converted...


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