Friday, 7 October 2011

Fitzroy Street

This morning I biked down to Fitzroy Street. It's on the edge of St. Kilda. Across the road from Albert Park.

Fitzroy Road appears to have multiple personalities. Ivy covered churches, "table tennis clubs", and a lot of bars and restaurants.

I had brunch at new kid on the block, Fitzrovia.
Their claim to food-producing fame is that they source their produce locally. The menu certainly reflected this with Daylesford bacon and Melbourne CBD honey. I am a big fan of local hunting and gathering, so it gets the Jo thumbs up for doing this. It was good. The first coffee was better than the second, so old fussy britches Rittey, if she was looking for something to mark down could question consistency, but on the whole, nice experience. And nice bike home along the seafront.

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