Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I made the pilgrimage to IKEA. In Richmond. I had a list and I was sticking to it. It was not the day to be tempted by lamps or yuccas or interesting candle holders. Not for me, the brilliant organise-your-life-products or stylish, but cheap bowls, clocks or picture frames placed just in my vision as I kept to my mission. But I have filed their existence in the compartmentalised space that is my head. Another day..

The following are pictures of how my purchases should look. On getting the aforementioned purchases home and looking at the instructions and the many screws and random bits of wood and metal, it remains to be seen as to whether I can achieve these completed scandinavian masterpieces or not. I know, I know, it's not that'd be surprised at what a medievalist finds this space...
I think what I like best about IKEA apart from the obvious cerebral challenge, are the names.
When this one is completed, it's a Gorm.

This one is a Lack.
And this one is a Vitten.

They sound like the names of characters in a slightly macabre children's moralistic tale set in a dark forest and involving goblins. No?
Wish me luck on the assembly...

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  1. Kramer: "Sweden Jerry, Sweden"

    We love IKEA in France - especially the IKEA restaurant where you can eat Swedish food like delcious meatballs and buy imported Swedish beer and mulled wine at Christmas- maybe life feels so hollow in Christchurch because there is no IKEA.