Thursday, 18 July 2013

an angry storm

Why do we describe a storm as angry? Is it because they have the potential to wreak havoc? Is it because we associate darkness and a sense that the weather is out of control with something bad? Did we do something wrong and this is the result, the anger of the heavens?

The sun kissed the flowers, the wind was whistling in the tops of the trees, the leaves danced gracefully in the summer breeze. We give elements of nature human attributes. We can't help ourselves. We are at the centre of our own perception, quite naturally. So, while it may appear like excessive pride on our part that we endow everything outside ourselves with human characteristics and are seemingly claiming that nature and the world must serve our needs by association, it may just be because we need personification to help us relate to our environment and work out our place and role within it. 

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