Friday, 5 April 2013


what does their name mean? chromosomes? kisses? legend has it the members of the band just liked the way the double x looked on the screen.

seeing the xx live, i was nervous. i love their music. how would they be live?  

festival hall in west melbourne. a 'concert and sporting venue'. it was known as the original house of rock and roll and has apparently hosted some pretty rocked out nights. how would the xx fill this big, dirty space?

enigmatic, ghostly music. thoughtful reflections on love mostly.and heartbreak. that's what most musicians sing about, i guess, but somehow the xx make it different.

they did fill the space, and mesmerize the people and their voices were even better live than on cd.

as I gazed around the warehouse space, there were a lot of people nodding, like a collective agreement, yes, this is good.

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