Saturday, 3 March 2012

Going bush...

...well, not really. Outdoor Ed. camp with 130 Year 8 students in the Lake Eildon National Park in the Murrindindi Shire. Murrindindi means 'living in the mountains', and while I don't believe that Australia actually has mountains, it was very very beautiful there.I was telling people that I was going to Lake Eildon and they quite rightly asked, but where on Lake Eildon? The Lake is huge. We were in an Outdoor Education Cam by the Goulburn River, just past Eildon, itself. 

 Rafting, hiking, biking, tenting and boomerang throwing. I loved it! Even the twelve hours straight of heavy rain on our first night did not dampen my enthusiasm for being out in nature, listening to the wind, taking in the water, trees, hills and wide sky.

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