Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Love 40

The Australian Open. How could I be in Melbourne and not go? I went today. 34 degrees. I think the Australia Open has to be experienced in 34 degrees to get the full experience. When I say full experience, as full an experience as you can get on an el cheapo  ground pass.  The ground pass is pretty good. You can wander around the outdoor courts at your leisure. You just can't go in to the big and fancy-pants Rod Laver or Hisense.

The Australian Open is one of the four  Grand Slam tennis tournaments held around the world every year. There are also the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon. SInce 1972, the Australian OPen has been held in Melbourne, but before then it was played in five Australian and two New Zealand cities (yes, lyttel town....Christchurch had it in 1906). Originally, very fe foreigners made the journey to the far-flung Antipodes for this tournament. In the aforementioned 1906 tournament in Christchurch, there were only 10 players, two of whom were Australian, the rest were New Zealanders and it was won by a New Zealander. Now it is huge. This year, there are over 300 players from many different countries.

 Margaret Court Arena
 Women's Doubles: Begu and Niculescu against Kuznetsova and Zvonareva.
 The umpire of the women's doubles sounded like God and looked like Lenny Krawitz.
 Men's Doubles: Lipsky and Ram against Lindstedt and Tecau. Amazing tennis. Fast. Powerful.

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