Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Melbourne Suburbs

Why is it that some Melbourne suburbs are just so tricky to pronounce? It is like a trap for freshies. If it wasn't bad enough that my way of saying six, fish and dance is a prime target for derision, now I have to walk the knife edge of suburb pronunciation.

Malvern: said Mullvin
Reservoir: said Reservor...and if you pronounce it the 'fancy way' IN Reservoir, then you take your life in your hands, apparently
Lalor: said Lawlore
Jan Juc: said Jan Juck...although that one I can kind of see, it's just my own desire to French it up...
Sandringham: I want to say Sandringhim, but the ham is very much pronounced like the deli meat at the end

And then there are some just plain funny names and it you'd live there just for the name: Balaclava, Big Pat's Creek, Launching Pad, Sasafras, Bunyip, The Basin and HMAS Cerberus, which is a naval base, but has its own postcode and 833 men to 342 women...can it really be a suburb?

I feel pretty happy with my Suburb. Easy to pronounce and with a certain amount of class.

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